Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
Device Driver API.

Input and output device functions. More...

Collaboration diagram for Device Driver API.:


 Generic Character Device

Character Device Driver Template.

 USART Devices

Drivers for serial communication.

 Network Devices

Ethernet controller drivers.

 Display Devices

LCD/VFD hardware support.

 Interrupt Management

Interrupt registration and handling.

 CAN Devices
 IR Devices
 Audio Devices
 Block Devices

Mass storage block device driver.

 Clock Devices

Programmable Clock Support.


Watchdog Support.

 System Reset

System reset.

 CPLD Based Devices

CPLD implementation drivers.

 Non-Volatile Memory

Read data from and write data to non-volatile memory.

 Hardware Layout

Definitions of I/O ports.

 Generic Port I/O

Platform independent port I/O.

Detailed Description

Input and output device functions.

Device drivers are typically not accessed directly by an application. Instead they are used by the standard C library to perform data I/O.