Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
Special Hardware

Support routines for direct hardware access. More...

Collaboration diagram for Special Hardware:


 A/D Converter

ATmega128 On-Chip ADC.


CAN Bus Controller.


MP3 Decoder.


MP3 Decoder.

 Sony IR

Infrared Remote Control.

 SPI Digital I/O

SPI controlled digital input and output ports.

 SPI Flash Devices

Programs SPI attached flash devices.


ATmega128 on-chip watchdog.

 AVR Target Programming

AVR target programming via SPI.

Detailed Description

Support routines for direct hardware access.

Not every hardware fits into I/O driver model. For example it would look at least a bit strange using printf() or _ioctl() to switch an LED on or off. Therefore several API calls had been added to deal with special hardware.