Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
Nut/Net API

Nut/Net TCP/IP Stack. More...

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 Network Configuration

Nut/Nut configuration structure.

 Socket API

Nut/Net Socket Interface.


Detailed Description

Nut/Net TCP/IP Stack.

The Nut/Net networking code is designed in a fairly fundamentally different way to most IP stacks. Most systems rely on polling information out of the network code, which has to buffer the information until it is requested.

The Nut/Net IP stack however uses a dataflow architecture where data is pushed up the protocol layers immediately after data has been received. The data does not get buffered unless one of the layers makes a policy decision to do so. Generally data will be pushed all the way up to the socket API.

In a small system this design reduces memory requirements, eliminates expensive queueing and threading operations.