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Assembly Instructions

EIR boards are shipped with SMD parts populated, but THT parts packed seperately for DIY soldering.

1. Ethernet connector
2. Power supply connector

Because the firmware had been preloaded, you should be able to receive and listen to Internet radio stations.

In order to be able to erase and the Flash memory and upload new firmware, we need to mount

3. Expansion port connector K3 (or at least pins 34 and 36)
4. USB Connector

If things are not working as expected, it would be a good idea to make use of the serial port, where the following parts are needed.

5. RS-232 jumper
6. RS-232 connector

In order to use the JTAG interface, mount

7. JTAG connector

For RTC backup during power loss, mount

8. Double layer capacitor

Finally, if you intend to attach an add-on board, K3 should have been fully populated. Additionally mount

9. Expansion port connectors K1 and K2


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