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Ethernut JTAG

JTAG Connector

  • This has been tested with Nut/OS Version 2.4.2, AVR-GCC 3.2 or ICCAVR 6.25 and AVR Studio 4.04.

  • Works with AVR-GCC object files only, not with elf files or coff files created by elf2coff. No variable watch with GCC, only ICCAVR offers this feature.

  • Press cancel when AVR Studio requests GCC's gcrt1.

  • Don't forget to modify the Makefile when using GCC. Uncomment line with compiler option -g and -O0.

  • AVR Studio may crash while debugging Nut/OS. However, debugging your application is typically no problem.

ICCAVR users may check the beginner's tutorial about Using ImageCraft C . It demonstrates how to build and debug a webserver application with a JTAG debugger.

JTAG Connector

ATJTAGICE Ethernut Color
1-TCK PF4 Black
2-GND ISP4 White
3-TDD PF6 Grey
4-VTref ISP2 Violet
5-TMS PF5 Blue
6-nSRST ISP5 Green
7-Vsupply N/A Yellow
8-nTRST N/A Orange
9-TDI PF7 Red
10-GND N/A Brown