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host.c File Reference

Platform dependant routines.. More...

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int XsvfInit (void)
 Initialize the platform dependant interface.

void XsvfExit (int rc)
 Shutdown the platform dependant interface.

int XsvfGetError (void)
 Retrieve the last error occured in this module.

u_char XsvfGetByte (void)
 Get next byte from XSVF buffer.

u_char XsvfGetCmd (void)
 Get next command byte from XSVF buffer.

u_char XsvfGetState (u_char state0, u_char state1)
 Get next byte from XSVF buffer and select a TAP state.

short XsvfGetShort (void)
 Get next short value from XSVF buffer.

long XsvfGetLong (void)
 Get next long value from XSVF buffer.

int XsvfReadBitString (void *buf, int num)
 Read a specified number of bits from XSVF buffer.

int XsvfSkipComment (void)
 Skip comment in the XSVF buffer.

void XsvfDelay (long usecs)
 Microsecond delay.


int fh
 Handle of XSVF file.

int xsvf_err
 Last error occured in this module.

Detailed Description

Platform dependant routines..

Definition in file host.c.

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