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host.h File Reference

Platform header file. More...

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#define XSVFNAME   "UROM:enut202.xsvf"
 The XSVF file is expected in the UROM file system.

#define XSVFEXEC_VERSION   "1.0.1"
 Executor version string.

#define SET_TMS()   sbi(PORTF, 5)
 Set TMS high on Ethernut 2.

#define CLR_TMS()   cbi(PORTF, 5)
 Set TMS low on Ethernut 2.

#define SET_TDI()   sbi(PORTF, 6)
 Set TDI high on Ethernut 2.

#define CLR_TDI()   cbi(PORTF, 6)
 Set TDI low on Ethernut 2.

#define SET_TCK()   sbi(PORTF, 4)
 Set TCK high on Ethernut 2.

#define CLR_TCK()   cbi(PORTF, 4)
 Set TCK low on Ethernut 2.

#define GET_TDO()   bit_is_set(PINF, 7)
 Get TDO status on Ethernut 2.

#define SET_TMS_TCK()   { SET_TMS(); CLR_TCK(); SET_TCK(); }
 Set TMS high and toggle TCK.

#define CLR_TMS_TCK()   { CLR_TMS(); CLR_TCK(); SET_TCK(); }
 Set TMS low and toggle TCK.

Detailed Description

Platform header file.

Definition in file host.h.

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