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xsvfexec.c File Reference

Executor main file. More...

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int BitStringCmp (int len, u_char *op1, u_char *op2, u_char *mask)
 Compare two bit string using an optional bit mask.

void BitStringAdd (int len, u_char *op1, u_char *op2)
 Numeric addition of two bit string.

int BitStringOnes (int len, u_char *op)
 Count the number of bits set to one in a bit string.

void UpdateTdi (int len, u_char *tdi_val, int len2, u_char *tdi_val2, u_char *data_mask)
 Prepare the next TDI value for iterating XSDR.

int ReShift (int len, u_char *tdi_val, u_char *tdo_exp, u_char *tdo_msk, u_char sState, u_char eState, long delay, u_char retries)
 Repeat shifting out a TDI value until an expected TDO value appears.

int Shift (int len, u_char *tdi_val, u_char *tdo_exp, u_char sState, u_char eState)
 Shift next TDI value out and optionally capture TDO value.

int Execute (void)
 Execute an XSVF buffer.

int main (void)
 XSVF Executor.


u_char tdiVal [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 TDI value buffer.

u_char tdiVal2 [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 TDI value 2 buffer.

u_char tdoExp [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 Expected TDO value buffer.

u_char tdoMask [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 TDO mask buffer.

u_char dataMask [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 Data mask buffer.

u_char addrMask [MAX_BITVEC_BYTES]
 Address mask buffer.

Detailed Description

Executor main file.

Definition in file xsvfexec.c.

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