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NPL Tutorial - Step 2

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Creating A New ISE Project

Start the Xilinx ISE Project Navigator and ...

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj00.png|ISE New Project Start]] select New Project... from the File Menu.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj01.png|ISE New Project 01]] The New Project Dialog appears. Enter the name of your new project, like npltut01 or similar. The top level module type should be set to HDL, because we will use the Verilog HDL in our tutorial.

Before continuing, you need to copy two files into the project directory:

  • npltut01.v

The Verilog Source File

  • ethernut30d.ucf

The User Contraints File for Ethernut 3.0 Rev-D

When done, return to the New Project Dialog and press the Next button.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj02.png|ISE New Project 02]] On the second page we select the XC9500XL CPLD device family and the xc95144xl device, because this is exactly the chip we use on Ethernut 3. Also check the other entries and modify them if they differ from the screenshot.

Press the Next button.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj03.png|ISE New Project 03]] We can leave this page alone, because we will use a prepared source file. Simply press the Next button.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj04.png|ISE New Project 04]] On the next page press the Add button and...

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj05.png|ISE New Project 05]] the file npltut01.v. Then press the Open button...

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj06.png|ISE New Project 06]] ...and specify its type as a Verilog Design File.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj07.png|ISE New Project 07]] The final page will show a summary of the configuration. Verify the specifications and confirm it.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj08.png|ISE New Project 08]] We are now back to the Project Navigator's main window. Select Add Source... from the Project Menu to add the pin layout file of the Ethernut 3 CPLD to our new project.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj09.png|ISE New Project 09]] Select ethernut30d.ucf and press the Open button.

[[File:../../img/ise-new-proj10.png|ISE New Project 10]] The file ethernut30d.ucf is a so called User Contraints File. Among other things it specifies which signals are connected to which pins of the CPLD. The file we just loaded saves you some work, because all CPLD pins used on Ethernut 3 are pre-defined in this file. Select the file ethernut30d.ucf in the Sources in Project Tree and double click on Edit Constraints (Text) to view its contents.

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