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No Radio

Nut/OS comes with a number of [[../../documents/nutapps.html|application samples]], many of them will work on the EIR.

The following tools are required:

  • Nut/OS Distribution

Download version 4.5.3 or later from the download area.

  • GNU ARM Toolchain

See below for platform specific distributions.

  • Text Editor

Anything from simple Notepad or vi to an advanced environment like Eclipse will do.

Developing on Windows

Download and install YAGARTO.

Developing on Linux

See this page for installing source packages.

Developing on Mac OS X

See this page for installing source packages.

Alternatively try GNU ARM.

Configuring Nut/OS

Choose eir10c.conf.

Trying the Samples

FTP Server

HTTP Server

Return to the EIR project page.