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Configuring OpenOCD for the AT91SAM7SE

The following tutorial will explain, how to use OpenOCD with an AT91SAM7SE board. But instead of presenting a ready-to-run configuration, we will start from ground up, developing all configuration items step by step.

Note, that this tutorial is about configuration only. We will not explain how to build OpenOCD binaries or how to use OpenOCD for debugging.


To follow this tutorial, some hardware and software is required:

  • A PC running Windows or Linux.

It may work for OS X too, but unfortunately we haven't tried this lately. For the tutorial we are using Windows, but it won't actually matter.

  • The OpenOCD software, already installed on your PC.

In this tutorial we are using version 0.6.0-rc1, but version 0.5.0 should work as well.

  • Any USB JTAG adapter based on an FTDI chip.

We will use the Turtelizer 2 as an example.

  • Any target board with JTAG interface, which is based on the AT91SAM7SE.

As an example we are using the Elektor Internet Radio.