Nut/OS  4.10.3
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UART handshake modes. More...

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#define UART_HS_RTSCTS   0x0003
 RTS / CTS hardware handshake.
#define UART_HS_MODEM   0x001F
 Full modem hardware handshake.
#define UART_HS_SOFT   0x0020
 XON / XOFF software handshake.
#define UART_HS_HALFDUPLEX   0x0400
 Half duplex mode.

Detailed Description

UART handshake modes.

Any of these values may be used by the _ioctl() commands UART_SETFLOWCONTROL and UART_GETFLOWCONTROL.

Define Documentation

#define UART_HS_RTSCTS   0x0003

RTS / CTS hardware handshake.

Nut/OS uses DTE definitions, where RTS is output and CTS is input.

Definition at line 524 of file uart.h.

#define UART_HS_MODEM   0x001F

Full modem hardware handshake.

Not supported yet by the standard drivers.

Definition at line 530 of file uart.h.

#define UART_HS_SOFT   0x0020

XON / XOFF software handshake.

It is recommended to set a proper read timeout with software handshake. In this case a timeout may occur, if the communication peer lost our last XON character. The application may then use ioctl() to disable the receiver and do the read again. This will send out another XON.

Definition at line 539 of file uart.h.

#define UART_HS_HALFDUPLEX   0x0400

Half duplex mode.

Definition at line 543 of file uart.h.