Nut/OS  4.10.3
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Netbios WINS Name Query (RFC 1002) More...

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int NutWinsNameQuery (char *name, uint32_t ipaddr)

Detailed Description

Netbios WINS Name Query (RFC 1002)

Only Query Request Client Routine sending/Positive Name Query Response receiving are implemented.

When the Netbios Name Query request UDP datagram is on the ethernet network, asking "Who is 'name'?", NutWinsNameQuery() answers with the specified 'ipaddr' Ethernut IP address.

Answer to Microsoft Windows/Internet Explorer calls by "http://name" command line (and even directly "name" as command line if "name" is not a shared folder).

Launch for example :

 THREAD(wins_deamon, arg)
     NutWinsNameQuery("myboard", inet_addr(MYIP));

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