Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
lrotable.h File Reference
#include "lua.h"
#include "llimits.h"
#include "lauxlib.h"
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Data Structures

struct  luaR_value_entry
struct  luaR_table


typedef lua_Number luaR_result


luaR_result luaR_findglobal (const char *key, lu_byte *ptype)
int luaR_findfunction (lua_State *L, const luaL_reg *ptable)
luaR_result luaR_findentry (void *data, const char *key, lu_byte *ptype)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 10 of file lrotable.h.

Function Documentation

luaR_result luaR_findglobal ( const char *  key,
lu_byte ptype 
int luaR_findfunction ( lua_State L,
const luaL_reg *  ptable 
luaR_result luaR_findentry ( void *  data,
const char *  key,
lu_byte ptype