Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
lstate.h File Reference
#include <lua/lua.h>
#include <lua/lobject.h>
#include <lua/ltm.h>
#include <lua/lzio.h>
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Data Structures

struct  stringtable
struct  CallInfo
struct  global_State
struct  lua_State
union  GCObject


#define gt(L)   (&L->l_gt)
#define registry(L)   (&G(L)->l_registry)
#define EXTRA_STACK   5
#define BASIC_CI_SIZE   8
#define curr_func(L)   (ttisfunction(L->ci->func) ? clvalue(L->ci->func) : NULL)
#define ci_func(ci)   (ttisfunction((ci)->func) ? clvalue((ci)->func) : NULL)
#define f_isLua(ci)   (!ttislightfunction((ci)->func) && !ci_func(ci)->c.isC)
#define isLua(ci)   (ttisfunction((ci)->func) && f_isLua(ci))
#define G(L)   (L->l_G)
#define rawgco2ts(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TSTRING, &((o)->ts))
#define gco2ts(o)   (&rawgco2ts(o)->tsv)
#define rawgco2u(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUSERDATA, &((o)->u))
#define gco2u(o)   (&rawgco2u(o)->uv)
#define gco2cl(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TFUNCTION, &((o)->cl))
#define gco2h(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTABLE, &((o)->h))
#define gco2p(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TPROTO, &((o)->p))
#define gco2uv(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))
#define ngcotouv(o)   check_exp((o) == NULL || (o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))
#define gco2th(o)   check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTHREAD, &((o)->th))
#define obj2gco(v)   (cast(GCObject *, (v)))


typedef struct stringtable stringtable
typedef struct CallInfo CallInfo
typedef struct global_State global_State


LUAI_FUNC lua_StateluaE_newthread (lua_State *L)
LUAI_FUNC void luaE_freethread (lua_State *L, lua_State *L1)

Define Documentation

#define gt (   L)    (&L->l_gt)

Definition at line 22 of file lstate.h.

#define registry (   L)    (&G(L)->l_registry)

Definition at line 25 of file lstate.h.

#define EXTRA_STACK   5

Definition at line 29 of file lstate.h.

#define BASIC_CI_SIZE   8

Definition at line 32 of file lstate.h.


Definition at line 34 of file lstate.h.

#define curr_func (   L)    (ttisfunction(L->ci->func) ? clvalue(L->ci->func) : NULL)

Definition at line 59 of file lstate.h.

#define ci_func (   ci)    (ttisfunction((ci)->func) ? clvalue((ci)->func) : NULL)

Definition at line 60 of file lstate.h.

#define f_isLua (   ci)    (!ttislightfunction((ci)->func) && !ci_func(ci)->c.isC)

Definition at line 61 of file lstate.h.

#define isLua (   ci)    (ttisfunction((ci)->func) && f_isLua(ci))

Definition at line 62 of file lstate.h.

#define G (   L)    (L->l_G)

Definition at line 130 of file lstate.h.

#define rawgco2ts (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TSTRING, &((o)->ts))

Definition at line 149 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2ts (   o)    (&rawgco2ts(o)->tsv)

Definition at line 150 of file lstate.h.

#define rawgco2u (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUSERDATA, &((o)->u))

Definition at line 151 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2u (   o)    (&rawgco2u(o)->uv)

Definition at line 152 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2cl (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TFUNCTION, &((o)->cl))

Definition at line 153 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2h (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTABLE, &((o)->h))

Definition at line 154 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2p (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TPROTO, &((o)->p))

Definition at line 155 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2uv (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))

Definition at line 156 of file lstate.h.

#define ngcotouv (   o)    check_exp((o) == NULL || (o)-> == LUA_TUPVAL, &((o)->uv))

Definition at line 157 of file lstate.h.

#define gco2th (   o)    check_exp((o)-> == LUA_TTHREAD, &((o)->th))

Definition at line 159 of file lstate.h.

#define obj2gco (   v)    (cast(GCObject *, (v)))

Definition at line 162 of file lstate.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct stringtable stringtable
typedef struct CallInfo CallInfo
typedef struct global_State global_State

Function Documentation

LUAI_FUNC lua_State* luaE_newthread ( lua_State L)
LUAI_FUNC void luaE_freethread ( lua_State L,
lua_State L1