Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
netdb.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <compiler.h>
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Data Structures



#define _NETDB_H_
#define NETDB_INTERNAL   -1
#define NETDB_SUCCESS   0
#define HOST_NOT_FOUND   1
#define TRY_AGAIN   2
#define NO_RECOVERY   3
#define NO_DATA   4


void NutDnsConfig2 (CONST uint8_t *hostname, CONST uint8_t *domain, uint32_t pdnsip, uint32_t sdnsip)
 Set DNS configuration.
void NutDnsGetConfig2 (char **hostname, char **domain, uint32_t *pdnsip, uint32_t *sdnsip)
void NutDnsConfig (CONST uint8_t *hostname, CONST uint8_t *domain, uint32_t dnsip) NUT_DEPRECATED
 Sets DNS configuration.
uint32_t NutDnsGetHostByName (CONST uint8_t *hostname)
uint8_t NutDnsGetHostsByName (CONST uint8_t *hostname, uint32_t *ip_all)
uint32_t NutDnsGetMxByDomain (CONST uint8_t *hostname)

Define Documentation

#define _NETDB_H_

Definition at line 132 of file netdb.h.

#define NETDB_INTERNAL   -1

Definition at line 143 of file netdb.h.

#define NETDB_SUCCESS   0

Definition at line 144 of file netdb.h.

#define HOST_NOT_FOUND   1

Definition at line 145 of file netdb.h.

#define TRY_AGAIN   2

Definition at line 146 of file netdb.h.

#define NO_RECOVERY   3

Definition at line 147 of file netdb.h.

#define NO_DATA   4

Definition at line 148 of file netdb.h.


Definition at line 149 of file netdb.h.