Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
spibus_gpio.h File Reference

GPIO SPI bus declarations. More...

#include <dev/spibus.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _GSPIREG


typedef struct _GSPIREG GSPIREG


int GpioSpiSetup (NUTSPINODE *node)
 Update SPI settings.


 AVR SPI bus driver implementation structure.

Detailed Description

GPIO SPI bus declarations.

 * $Id: spibus_gpio.h 2610 2009-04-15 13:45:19Z haraldkipp $

Definition in file spibus_gpio.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _GSPIREG GSPIREG

Definition at line 48 of file spibus_gpio.h.

Function Documentation

int GpioSpiSetup ( NUTSPINODE node)

Update SPI settings.

Definition at line 51 of file spibus_gpio.c.

References _NUTSPINODE::node_bits, _NUTSPINODE::node_mode, _NUTSPINODE::node_rate, and SPI_MODE_UPDATE.

Referenced by GpioSpiBus0NodeInit(), and GpioSpiBus0Select().

Variable Documentation

AVR SPI bus driver implementation structure.

Definition at line 429 of file spibus0gpio.c.