Nut/OS  4.10.3
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bankmem.h File Reference

Banked memory management definitions. More...

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cfg/bankmem.h>
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#define NutSegBufEnable(bank)


char * NutSegBufReset (void)
 Reset the segmented buffer.
char * NutSegBufInit (size_t size)
 Initialize the segmented buffer.
char * NutSegBufWriteRequest (size_t *bcp)
 Request segmented buffer space for writing.
char * NutSegBufReadRequest (size_t *bcp)
 Request segmented buffer space for reading.
char * NutSegBufWriteCommit (size_t bc)
 Commit written buffer space.
char * NutSegBufReadCommit (size_t bc)
 Commit read buffer space.
void NutSegBufWriteLast (size_t bc)
 Commit written buffer space and finish write access.
void NutSegBufReadLast (size_t bc)
 Commit written buffer space and finish read access.
uint32_t NutSegBufAvailable (void)
 Return the available buffer space.
uint32_t NutSegBufUsed (void)
 Return the used buffer space.

Detailed Description

Banked memory management definitions.

$Log$ Revision 1.11 2008/08/27 07:05:37 thornen Added bank support for MMnet03..04 and Mmnet102..104

Revision 1.10 2008/08/26 17:36:46 haraldkipp Revoked changes 2008/08/26 by thornen.

Revision 1.8 2008/08/11 07:00:25 haraldkipp BSD types replaced by stdint types (feature request #1282721).

Revision 1.7 2007/04/12 09:08:57 haraldkipp Segmented buffer routines ported to ARM.

Revision 1.6 2005/09/07 16:22:11 christianwelzel Added banking support for MMnet02

Revision 1.5 2005/05/16 08:35:32 haraldkipp Added banking support for Arthernet.

Revision 1.4 2004/09/01 14:19:41 haraldkipp Avoiding too many ifdefs

Revision 1.3 2004/08/18 18:51:41 haraldkipp Made banked memory configurable.

Revision 1.2 2003/12/15 19:27:53 haraldkipp Ethernut 2 support added

Revision 1.1 2003/07/21 18:21:34 haraldkipp First check in

Definition in file bankmem.h.

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