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MP3 Player HTTP GUI.

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#define HTTPD_TCP_PORT   80
#define HTTPD_MAX_SEGSIZE   1460
#define HTTPD_TCP_BUFSIZE   8760
#define HTTPD_TCP_TIMEOUT   500


int HttpServerStart (void)
 HTTP Server Start.


int h_timevalid

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Definition at line 57 of file httpserv.h.


Definition at line 62 of file httpserv.h.

Referenced by HttpServerStart(), and Service().


Definition at line 72 of file httpserv.h.

Referenced by StartServiceThread().

#define HTTPD_TCP_PORT   80

Definition at line 77 of file httpserv.h.

Referenced by Service().

#define HTTPD_MAX_SEGSIZE   1460

Definition at line 87 of file httpserv.h.

Referenced by Service().

#define HTTPD_TCP_BUFSIZE   8760

Definition at line 92 of file httpserv.h.

Referenced by Service().

#define HTTPD_TCP_TIMEOUT   500

Definition at line 97 of file httpserv.h.

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int HttpServerStart ( void   ) 

HTTP Server Start.

Definition at line 745 of file httpserv.c.

References CgiFavoritesControl(), CgiSettings(), CgiShoutCastControl(), CgiShoutCastGenres(), CgiShoutCastStations(), CgiStationFavorites(), CgiVars(), HTTPD_MIN_THREADS, LOG_ERROR, LOG_HTTPD, LogMsg(), MY_FSDEV, and StartServiceThread().

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int h_timevalid

Definition at line 107 of file httpserv.c.

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