Building NutOS on Debian Etch

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Please read first the official manual because the following is just personal notes

Be sure that you have installed ethernut 4.2.1 on your Etch.

Go into your install directory :

$ cd ~/ethernut-4.2.1/

I dunno why, but the build fail if you don't copy all this files in a "nut" directory, so :

$ mkdir nut
$ cp -R * nut/

If you have some error messages it's normal. Verify that you have the same files (and dirs) in . and nut/

I know it's not very clean but it will run !...

Edit the following file :

$ vim ~/ethernut-4.2.1/nut/tools/nutconf/settings.cpp

And line 151,18 add "wxT(" and line 151,29 add ")" (without quotes).

Add the same things to lines 158,40 / 158,51 and 147,18 / 147,29

You must have on line 151 something like :


As we will use avr-gcc edit the file :

$ vim ~/ethernut-4.2.1/nut/Makedefs.avr-gcc

Change on CPPFLAGS and CXXFLAGS the option "-0s" to "-02" to avoid the "uartioclt error" on build.

So, now you have something like :

CPPFLAGS = $(MCFLAGS) -02 -fno-dele[.. etc ..]

Now all is ok to build your ethernut libs etc, so run nutconf :

$ nutconf

If you see "failed to load help file", it's not important.

Follow the instructions on the official doc.

Be careful to use "avr-dude" as programmer (see the doc).

--jfg 11:53, 15 April 2007 (UTC)