Burning HTTP Server demo with parallel programmer (ISP10)

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Please read first the official manual because the following is just personal notes

Be sure that you installed ethernut 4.2.1 on your Etch and well configurated it (patchs etc..)

$ vim ~/ethernut-4.2.1/nut/app/Makeburn.avr-dude

Modify :


Load the modules :

# modprobe parport
# modprobe ppdev

Verify that the device is here :

$ ls /dev | grep parport

Now follow the instructions on the official doc to modify your IP adress etc..

Plug the programmer to your card, switch on and as said on the doc :

$ make clean
# make burn

When finished unplug the programmer, switch off your card.

Plug an ethernet link on the card, switch on. Open your browser and see http://*the.ip.you.choosed*/

--jfg 12:04, 15 April 2007 (UTC)