Installing NutOS developement environment on Debian Etch

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Please read first the Official Doc because the following is just install notes

Download ethernut-4.2.1.tar.bz2

$ wget


$ wget

Next install all the needed packages

# apt-get install lua50 liblualib50-dev liblua50 liblua50-dev libgtk2.0-dev 
# apt-get install autoconf automake1.9 uisp gcc-avr avr-libc avrdude 
# apt-get install wx-common wx2.6-headers graphviz doxygen binutils-avr gcc-3.3 g++-3.3

Copy the header files on the right dir

# cp /usr/include/lua50/*.h /usr/include/

Download the lastest wxWidgets

$ wget

Uncompress it

$ tar -xvzf wxWidgets-2.6.2.tar.gz
$ cd wxWidgets-2.6.2

Patch the following file

$ vim src/common/uri.cpp

line 889 replace

m_path = base.m_path.substr(0, bp - base.m_path.c_str()) +
m_path.substr((op - m_path.c_str()), m_path.Length());


m_path = base.m_path.substr(0, bp - base.m_path.c_str());
m_path = m_path +
m_path.substr((op - m_path.c_str()), m_path.Length());

Now build and install wxWidgets-2.6.2

$ ./configure --disable-shared
$ make

And as root

# make install

Now we will build NutOs environment

$ cd ..
$ tar -jxvf ethernut-4.2.1.tar.bz2
$ cd ethernut-4.2.1
$ ./configure

We need to patch a file

$ vim tools/nutconf/nutconfdoc.h

Remove the line 78 and replace by

virtual bool OnSaveDocument(const wxString& filename);

Then type

$ make

And as root

# make install

Normally you can run nutconf or nutconfigure or crurom without any problem :)

--jfg 11:52, 15 April 2007 (UTC)