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This page is intended as a scrap sheet. Feel free to add your ideas and suggestions.

Get-together in Nuremberg

While there are still no specific plans for a conference, several Nut/OS contributors met each other on the 4th of March 2010 after the embedded world conference.


It is planned, to organize a developer's conference in the near future. We have three options to meet each other

  1. Booking a location somewhere
  2. Taking part in a larger event somewhere
  3. Organizing a video conference call

Option 3 is the most promising, because the currently active developers are scattered to all continents.

Nevertheless, personally meeting a few of them will be attractive as well. To avoid a conference with two or three people, option 2 may be considered as a complement.

Video conference

Suggestions? How about asking if Cisco would donate some time at their video conferencing centers they have in major cities around the world?

Complementary meeting

May be this one can take place in advance to work out an agenda for the video conference.



Who should attend

Anyone, who is interested and able to contribute to the Nut/OS project. The focus is on the software part.

Who should not attend

It is not planned to offer any beginner's tutorial on this event or show any commercially available hardware.


Nut/OS road map

This is probably the most important issue. Until now, extensions, corrections and even re-designs are provided by the whim of the contributors. The degree of reliance may suffer here. For many projects it is important to know, in which direction Nut/OS is developing and what's the time frame for upcoming changes.

It is suggested to appoint some kind of steering committee.

An unsorted collection of future Nut/OS modifications is available here.

Quality assurance

The Nut/OS development environment can be hosted on Windows, Linux PCs and partly Mac OS X and supports a number of compilers. Today egnite GmbH takes more or less care, that official distributions maintain a reliable level of quality on most environments. Furthermore, the company carries out regular tests on various target platforms and decides about the distribution of official releases. With a growing user base, this becomes more difficult.

Community ownership

Harald Kipp, who initially set up the Ethernut project, is also the owner of egnite GmbH. The company offers hardware and competes with other vendors, who may be interested in Nut/OS. They may be discouraged by the dominant role of egnite.

While the source code repository is hosted at SourceForge, the main project side and the documentation is stored on a host owned and administrated by egnite.