Nut/OS  4.10.3
API Reference
ax88796.h File Reference
#include <netinet/if_ether.h>
#include <net/ether.h>
#include <net/if_var.h>
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Data Structures

struct  NICINFO


#define DEV_ETHER   devAx88796
#define devEth0   devAx88796
#define ASIX_BASE   0x20000000
 Charon III Ethernet controller parameters.
#define Asix_Read(reg)   *(unsigned char *) (reg + ASIX_BASE)
#define Asix_ReadWord(reg)   *(unsigned short *) (reg + ASIX_BASE)
#define Asix_Write(reg, data)   *(unsigned char *) (reg + ASIX_BASE) = data
#define Asix_WriteWord(reg, data)   *(unsigned short *) (reg + ASIX_BASE) = data
#define TXSTART_INIT   0x40
#define RXSTART_INIT   0x46
#define RXSTOP_INIT   0x80


int AsixInit (NUTDEVICE *dev)
 Initialize Ethernet hardware.
int AsixOutput (NUTDEVICE *dev, NETBUF *nb)
 Send Ethernet packet.
void NicPhyWrite (uint8_t reg, uint16_t val)
 Write value to PHY register.
uint16_t NicPhyRead (uint8_t reg)
 Read contents of internel PHY register on 0x10 adress.


NUTDEVICE devAx88796
 Device information structure.

Define Documentation

#define DEV_ETHER   devAx88796

Definition at line 34 of file ax88796.h.

#define devEth0   devAx88796

Definition at line 38 of file ax88796.h.

#define ASIX_BASE   0x20000000

Charon III Ethernet controller parameters.

Definition at line 45 of file ax88796.h.

#define Asix_Read (   reg)    *(unsigned char *) (reg + ASIX_BASE)

Definition at line 49 of file ax88796.h.

Referenced by NicPhyRead(), and NicPhyWrite().

#define Asix_ReadWord (   reg)    *(unsigned short *) (reg + ASIX_BASE)

Definition at line 50 of file ax88796.h.

#define Asix_Write (   reg,
)    *(unsigned char *) (reg + ASIX_BASE) = data

Definition at line 51 of file ax88796.h.

Referenced by NicPhyRead(), and NicPhyWrite().

#define Asix_WriteWord (   reg,
)    *(unsigned short *) (reg + ASIX_BASE) = data

Definition at line 52 of file ax88796.h.

#define TXSTART_INIT   0x40

Definition at line 57 of file ax88796.h.

#define RXSTART_INIT   0x46

Definition at line 58 of file ax88796.h.

#define RXSTOP_INIT   0x80

Definition at line 59 of file ax88796.h.