Webradio Firmware File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
webradio/buttons.c [code]Simple button interface
webradio/buttons.h [code]Simple button interface header
webradio/config.c [code]Radio configuration
webradio/config.h [code]Configuration items
webradio/favlist.c [code]
webradio/favlist.h [code]Configuration items
webradio/httpserv.c [code]HTTP interface
webradio/httpserv.h [code]MP3 Player HTTP GUI
webradio/logmsg.c [code]
webradio/logmsg.h [code]Log messages
webradio/receiver.c [code]Receiver
webradio/receiver.h [code]Audio data receiver
webradio/shoutcast.c [code]SHOUTcast communication routines
webradio/shoutcast.h [code]Stream I/O Routines
webradio/station.c [code]Station
webradio/station.h [code]Radio station connect and disconnect routines
webradio/userif.c [code]User interface
webradio/userif.h [code]
webradio/utils.c [code]Utility routines
webradio/utils.h [code]Useful utility routines
webradio/webradio.c [code]Internet radio main file
webradio/webradio.h [code]Webradio global header
webradio/xmlserv.c [code]XML server interface
webradio/xmlserv.h [code]MP3 Player XML Service

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