Nut/OS  4.10.3
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Starting Nut/OS. More...

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#define NUTMEM_END   (uint16_t)(NUTXMEM_START + (uint16_t)NUTXMEM_SIZE - 1U)
 Last memory address using external SRAM.


void NutInit (void)
 Nut/OS Initialization.
void NutAppMain (void *arg)
uint8_t NutThreadSetSleepMode (uint8_t mode)
 Sets the sleep mode to enter in Idle thread.
void NutIdle (void *arg)
 AVR Idle thread.


uint8_t nutmem_onchip [NUTMEM_RESERVED]
 Number of bytes reserved in on-chip memory.
uint8_t idle_sleep_mode = SLEEP_MODE_NONE

Detailed Description

Starting Nut/OS.

Define Documentation

#define NUTMEM_END   (uint16_t)(NUTXMEM_START + (uint16_t)NUTXMEM_SIZE - 1U)

Last memory address using external SRAM.

Definition at line 161 of file nutinit.c.


Definition at line 175 of file nutinit.c.

Referenced by NutIdle().


Definition at line 181 of file nutinit.c.


Definition at line 210 of file nutinit.c.

Referenced by NutIdle().

Function Documentation

void NutInit ( void  )

Nut/OS Initialization.

Initializes the memory management and the thread system and starts an idle thread, which in turn initializes the timer management. Finally the application's main() function is called.

Depending on the compiler, different methods are used to execute this function before main() is called.

For ICCAVR the default crtatmega.o startup file is replaced by crtnut.o, which calls NutInit instead of main(). This is done by adding the following compiler options in the project:

 -ucrtnut.o nutinit.o 

crtnut.o should be replaced by crtnutram.o, if the application's variable space exceeds 4kB. For boards with RTL8019AS and EEPROM emulation (like Ethernut 1.3 Rev-G) use crtenut.o or crtenutram.o.

For AVRGCC this function is located in section .init8, which is called immediately before jumping to main(). NutInit is defined as:

 void NutInit(void) __attribute__ ((naked)) __attribute__ ((section (".init8")));
Make heap threshold configurable, currently hardcoded at 384.
Make wait states for external memory access configuratble.
Make early UART initialization for kernel debugging configurable.
void NutAppMain ( void *  arg)
uint8_t NutThreadSetSleepMode ( uint8_t  mode)

Sets the sleep mode to enter in Idle thread.

If the idle thread is running, no other thread is active so we can safely put the mcu to sleep.

modeone of the sleep modes defined in avr/sleep.h or sleep_mode_none (don't enter sleep mode)
previous sleep mode

Definition at line 297 of file nutinit.c.

References idle_sleep_mode.

void NutIdle ( void *  arg)

AVR Idle thread.

Running at priority 254 in an endless loop.

Definition at line 310 of file nutinit.c.

References _BV, AVR_SLEEP_CTRL_REG, bit_is_set, cbi, idle_sleep_mode, main, NUT_THREAD_MAINSTACK, NUT_THREAD_STACK_ADD, NUT_THREAD_STACK_MULT, NutIdleInit(), NutMainInit(), NutThreadCreate(), NutThreadDestroy(), NutThreadSetPriority(), NutThreadYield(), NutTimerInit(), sbi, and SLEEP_MODE_NONE.

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Variable Documentation

uint8_t nutmem_onchip[NUTMEM_RESERVED]

Number of bytes reserved in on-chip memory.

AVR offers the option to temporarily use address and data bus lines as general purpose I/O. If such drivers need data memory, this must be located at internal memory addresses.

Not a nice implementation but works as long as this module is linked first. Should be made a linker option.

Definition at line 199 of file nutinit.c.

uint8_t idle_sleep_mode = SLEEP_MODE_NONE

Definition at line 204 of file nutinit.c.

Referenced by NutIdle(), and NutThreadSetSleepMode().